Community Service

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The Community Service Connect Floor is a community of individuals who think volunteering and making a difference is a fun and rewarding experience.  The staff members for the Community Service Connect Floor are dedicated to creating a compelling living and learning experience with the community.  Community service learning is a concept that promotes responsible citizenry and fully integrates experiential, hands-on learning activities on and around the campus community which supports the philosophy that learning through service is an integral part of life at Cornell College.


Residents on the Community Service Connect Floor:

  • Will learn the value of community service for personal growth and academic enhancement.
  • Will discover the wide array of service opportunities available on our campus and in the community.
  • Will have opportunities to reflect on their experiences on a regular basis.
  • Will network with other students, staff and faculty who desire to make a difference.
  • Will make a difference for others and in the community.

About the Floor

The current location is the third floor of Tarr Hall.  Members will live on a co-ed floor with single gender rooms.  The restroom on the floor will be designated co-ed with individual stalls.  A female only restroom is available one level up on fourth floor and a male only restroom is available one level down on second floor for those residents more comfortable with that option.

Who Should Participate?

Anyone looking to be involved on campus and in the community through service should apply.  Community Service Connect Floor is looking  to create a diverse learning community with an array of individual interests, experiences and skills to create a fun and exciting living environment.

Civic Engagement at Cornell

For more information on service opportunities on campus and in the local community, connect with Cornell's Civic Engagement Office.


Applications for the Community Service Connect Floor are now available.