Registration Steps

Registration for Blocks 1-8, 2014-2015

1. Print an unofficial copy of your transcript and your current class schedule from Self-Service.  Use this worksheet to help plan our your schedule.

2. Review your Academic Plan in Self-Service or B.Mus. requirements from “Requirements for B.Mus. Degrees”.  The Academic Plan requires customization.  If you see something in your record that you question please contact the Registrar's Office. If you have a B.S.S. or an Individualize major, consult your prospectus to make sure you are following the courses you had mapped.

3. Consult the catalogue for the year you declared your majors/minors for those requirements at

4. Review the courses on the lists of degree, major, and minor requirements that you have already completed or that you have already registered for. Do not repeat these courses unless the course is repeatable.

5. Select two courses for each block. Remember that you must select different courses. (You cannot select ENG 111 as your first choice in Block 2 and your second choice in Block 3, for example. You can only bid on ENG 111 once.) You or your advisor can enter your choices into the online registration system at Online registration instructions:

6. Bidding: For complete instructions go to

7. Schedules will be finalized by April 1.

     a) The schedule you see in Self-Service is subject to change until April 1.

     b) If you got into all the courses you bid on, Congratulations! You are finished!

     c) If you have a "NOC – No Course" designation in any block, please see the information on Accomodations.

8. Make an appointment with your advisor to discuss your options.

9. Accommodations:  Accommodations for students with No Course will be held online through the registration system.

  • Students with No Course(s) will be given access to the Registration system to Add courses beginning at 5:00pm, Thursday, April 3rd until 5:00pm on Friday, April 4th
  • This is a first come, first serve basis.
  • Instructions can be found here.
  • Students without No Course will be able to add or drop a course beginning at 5:00pm Friday, April 4th.