Extraordinary Opportunities

Cornell students receive exceptional support in pursuing high-level internships for a block or longer in a wide range of professional settings in the U.S. and abroad. Read more about Cornell's programs and opportunities for psychology students on our Special Academic Opportunities page.

Human Services Practicum

Students can receive credit for applying psychological principles in a real-world setting by participating in Human Services Practicum. To sign up for the practicum, students must have declared a psychology major, have permission of the instructor, and have completed a designated number of courses in psychology.  Among the past sites at which students have completed a practicum are:

  • Planned Parenthood
  • The ARC
    An agency that serves people with developmental disabilities
  • Tanager Place
    Serves children and adolescents with social and psychological needs
  • The Rape Victim Advocacy Program
  • Waypoint Women’s Shelter and Waypoint Day Program for Domestic Violence
  • St. Luke’s Hospital Child Protection Center
  • Equipping Youth
    Organization that promotes character education though the use of the Powerful Choices abstinence program
  • REM Iowa
    Serves those populations with developmental and intellectual disabilities
  • Four Oaks
    Largest non-profit child welfare, juvenile justice and behavior health agency in the state of Iowa
  • Hope Lodge/American Cancer Society
    Provides residence for those adults going through cancer treatments in Iowa City