The major requirements are intended to give students choices within the major but also offer clear guidance on course selection in psychology.  We also seek to broaden students’ awareness of the interdisciplinary connections of our field. We offer three separate tracks for our majors to choose from:

The Psychology Specialist option prepares students for a broad range of activities in psychology, including graduate study and a variety of areas of practice. We have labeled this curriculum “specialist” because it allows students to choose a generalist option or to develop individualized specializations while also completing breadth requirements crucial for advanced study in Psychology. Talk to your advisor about whether a specialization area might be advisable for you and about what courses to include in a specialization.

The Psychological Scientist option includes more coursework in mathematical and natural science areas, and prepares students for research-oriented positions, health-related careers, or graduate study in areas of psychology that are more closely associated with the natural sciences, such as learning, cognition, neuroscience, and biopsychology.

The Psychological Services option prepares students for work in a variety of mental health and human service areas, as well as for graduate training at the master’s degree level in applied aspects of psychology and related fields (e.g., student services, social work, rehabilitation, or career counseling). This track allows students to complete either Senior Seminar or a practicum as a capstone experience.  We strongly encourage students who might eventually pursue doctoral training in psychology to select one of the other tracks of the major, or to complete Senior Seminar in fulfilling the Psychological Services option.


Cornell's One Course At A Time schedule gives students many opportunities for off-campus learning, including immersions in real-world internships for a block or longer.

Curriculum Details