PA Job Description

  • March 2014 through November 2014



  • Must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and be enrolled in courses and present on campus during academic months at time of application and throughout the term of employment.
  • Must be in good conduct standing with the College and be able to pass a criminal background check
  • Must successfully complete the outlined application process.



  • Participate in Peer Advocate Training beginning Block 4 and continuing through Block 8 and the week before New Student Orientation in August
  • Actively participate in leadership training and campus information sessions
  • Provide a welcoming and supportive environment for all new students
  • Advise, lead, motivate, and evaluate a team of 10-15 Peer Group Members (PGM) during the New Student Orientation (NSO) program, provide them with information about Cornell, and involve them in activities after classes begin
  • Attend NSO team meetings and functions after classes begin
  • Complete required paperwork throughout Blocks 1, 2, 3 in academic year 2014-15
  • Other duties as assigned



  • Place the highest emphasis on role as Peer Advocate among co-curricular involvements throughout campus and remain committed throughout the term of the position
  • Be familiar with Cornell College policies, procedures, and services provided to students on campus
  • Abide by College policies and procedures
  • Be able to influence, motivate, and lead a diverse group of people
  • Be assertive, creative, responsible, flexible, and sociable
  • Have a positive attitude and encourage positive attitudes of others



  • Blocks 4-6:  Initial Student Leader Seminar courses
  • Blocks 7-8:  Continuing Student Leader Seminar courses offerings
  • Thursday, August 21 through Monday, August 25:  NSO Staff Training
  • Tuesday, August 26 through Saturday, August 30:  New Student Orientation Week
  • Blocks 1-3 plan, participate and encourage Peer Group Members to attend campus wide events
  • Blocks 1-3 attend NSO Team Staff Meetings
  • Block 3: Meet individually with each PGM



  • Peer Advocates are awarded approximately $250 for their work in the form of student aid.  Failure to carry out the duties of the position could result in dismissal and /or reduction of compensation.



  • On-going evaluation and continual feedback will be practiced.  A formal evaluation process, including assessments from Orientation Leaders and Peer Group Members, may be conducted in September and November.