Department of Mathematics and Statistics Faculty

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Steve Bean, Associate Professor of Mathematics, teaches courses in mathematics. He is working with Jim Freeman to guide undergraduates in researching the Menger sponge in n-dimensions. He is also exploring the history of the gamma function in statistics with a collaborator at William and Jefferson University, and researching analytic number theory.

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Ann Cannon, Professor of Statistics and Mathematics, primarily teaches statistics courses and her main professional interest is in statistics education. Ph. D. and M.S. in statistics, Iowa State University; B.A. in mathematics, Grinnell College.

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Tony deLaubenfels, Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics, teaches courses in mathematics and computer science. He has been a leader in bringing computing technology into teaching and learning at Cornell, and during 1989-1990 and 1992-1996 he served as Cornell's Director of Academic Computing. M.S. in computer science, University of Iowa; B.A. in mathematics, Simpson College.

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Jim Freeman, Professor of Mathematics, teaches courses in mathematics, computer science, and introductory statistics. His professional interests include algebra and distributed computing. He helped develop and manage Cornell's Apollo computer lab; established Cornell's first Internet connection; and served as the college's first webmaster. Ph. D. and M.S. in mathematics, University of Notre Dame; B.A. in mathematics, Grinnell College.

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Scott Taylor, Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics, teaches calculus, complex variables, differential equations, modeling, and Math 110 – On the Shoulders of Giants. His research interests are in applied mathematics, especially ordinary and partial differential equations, derivative pricing models, modeling physical systems, and mathematical physics. Ph.D. in mathematics, University of Iowa; M.S. in mechanical engineering (fluids/heat transfer), University of Iowa; B.S. in physics, Harvey Mudd College.

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