International Student Orientation


This Orientation is MANDATORY for international students who are on an F-1 Visa and is intended to provide added time and exposure to life at Cornell College during a calm time before New Student Orientation. This is a time for students to adjust not only to life at Cornell College, but also to completely different food, weather, time zone, and interpersonal communication. Other goals of orientation include helping international students become acclimated to Mount Vernon, Iowa, to the campus, and to the academic expectations of Cornell College.

With the assistance from the Office of Intercultural Life staff, the students will receive help with:

Opening a bank account
Shopping for necessary supplies
Introduction to immigration regulations
Health Education
Introduction to computer and library facilities
Adjustment strategies

For the 2013-2014 school year, ISO will begin on Tuesday, August 21, 2013.

Students need to arrive in Mt. Vernon on Sunday, August 18th or Monday, August 19th.  As soon as you have confirmed your travel arrangements, please contact the Office of Intercultural Life by e-mail or by filling out the form available online. Students traveling by air should arrive at the Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids (CID). We will provide airport pick up from CID on August 18th and 19th from 8am-5pm. If your flight comes in before 8am or after 5pm you will need to find your own way to campus.

If you do not arrive at CID YOU will also be responsible for finding your own way to campus. This link provides information on getting to campus:

If you will be in the area before August 18th you will responsible for making your own hotel arrangements. Here is a link for a couple of area hotels and lodging in Mount Vernon and the surroundings areas  

Please click on the link below to fill out the International Student Information Form before July 15, 2013.