Connecting iOS to Wireless

Cornell has two wireless networks, “CornellWireless”, and “CornellGuest”.  The CornellWireless network is intended for students, faculty and staff.  It gives Cornell users access to all standard resources such as email, networked applications, printing, file shares and Internet browsing. CornellGuest is to be used by people who do not have a Cornell user name and password.  It does not have access to printing, applications or file shares and is very limited in bandwidth. 


Wireless network access/restrictions:

Once connected to the wireless network all standard resources such as email, networked applications, and Internet browsing are available. The CornellGuest network does not have access to most network resources. Please check back here periodically to see updated information regarding the wireless network.


Connecting to CornellWireless With iOS

  1. Go to Settings and then Wi-Fi.
  2. Disconnect from and forget the CornellGuest network if you're currently connected to it
  3. Select CornellWireless.
  4. Type in your Cornell login information and press Join.
  5. On the Certificate page, select Accept.
  6. After a few seconds you should be connected to the CornellWireless network.


If you have any questions about connecting to the wireless network, please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at extension 4357 or submit a Work Order Request and our staff will assist you as soon as possible.