Reducing Your Prints/Copies (Think Before You Print/Copy)

Reducing the amount of printing and copying is a great way to save money while helping the environment.  Although there are several ways to reduce your printing and copying, three are pretty easy to do and can make a big difference.  Each are explained below.

Scan to Email is the first of the three.  This process allows a user to scan a set of documents directly to an email address instead of making copies.  Since this process uses no toner or paper, there is no charge.  Instructions for the Scan to Email process are located on each public copier that has this feature.  They can also be found here.

The second is called Multi Shot Copying. This process takes multiple full size copies and reduces them to fit on a single piece of paper.  For instance, you could take what would normally be four individual copies and reduce them to fit on 1 page.  This would turn want would have been a 16 cent job into a 4 cent job.

How to do Multi-Shot copying (must be a Sharp Printer/Copier):

  1. Select the Copy button.
  2. Select the Special Modes button.
  3. Select the Down Arrow to get to the second screen.
  4. Select Multi Shot button.
  5. Select the number of pages to be copied onto one sheet of paper.
  6. Select the layout that the pages should be placed on the paper.
  7. Select the OK button to return to the main copy screen.

The third process, called N-Up Printing, is the same concept as Multi Shot Copying, except for the printer world.  Take what would have been multiple printed pages and reduce their size to fix on one page. 

How to do N-Up Printing (must be a Sharp Printer/Copier):

  1. While in the print job configuration window (this is the window that comes up when you select file – print), select the Preferences button.
  2. From the N-Up Printing drop-down, select the number of pages you want to reduce and put on each page.
    • 1-Up is the default and what you are most likely use to. 
    • 2-Up is very readable and a good place to start.
    • 4-Up is still readable but very small.
  3. You can choose to put a border around each page by selecting the border button.
  4. The Order drop-down allows you to select how the reduced pages are placed on the page.