My Favorite Activities


I love writing in my journal where I can write all of my feelings and secrets. I also love to write my own poems. To begin your own journal, click below!

My Own Journal


In my freetime I enjoy knitting and going into town to buy thread and braiding for my hand crafts. To begin your own crocheting or knitting project check out this Learn to Knit website.



I also love to play with dolls. It was a lot of fun to buy the body and choose which head and accessories when making my own doll. Emma, Mollie and I love to play with dolls. If you enjoy playing with dolls as much as I do then check out this link to the American Girl Collection.


In my free time, I love to read. I spend countless hours downtown at the library reading books such as "Dirt in the Wood" and my friend Emma is reading "Uncle Tom's Cabin." If you would like to read more diaries by girls like me, go to Dear America or visit your local library.


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