A Day at School

At school, I had a full schedule of classes including Arithmetics, Art, Music, Physiology, Composition Writing, Algebra. Later, I also took classes in History and Geography. I usually rose before 9 in the morning and walked to school with Emma, but some days my Ma didn't make me go because I didn't really enjoy school. Eventually, I learned to enjoy going to school.

I didn't really like my teacher Miss Lawrence, she was so mean!

For one project, we did a really exciting project exhibition. We had all sorts of performances! Two of our teachers did a scene from "Julius Caesar," there were tableaus, recitations, music and dancing. I had a lot of fun!

Everyday, I also have to attend etiquette school. Even though I was quite young, I was still expected to act like a lady. We were taught the appropriate ways to make conversation, eat, walk and sit.

Emma, Mollie, Linnie Turner and I also started our own newsletter called "The Literary Gem."


What is your favorite subject?

Are you in any extracurricular activities?

Whose your favorite teacher?

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