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Welcome to Our Front Porch


Do you have a favorite memory or story about your front porch? We'd like to hear it! Check out our bulletin board located here to add your thoughts and share your stories.


Stories and thoughts from the community

My house at 209 7th Ave NW in Mount Vernon has an 'L' shaped front porch with two stairways.  It is quite a simple (non ornate)porch but it was one of the features that attracted me to the house.  We do sit on the porch which allows us to meet and greet our neighbors.  When family visits they can go on the porch and smoke.  The porch lets me be outside in the shade in the summer and is a great place to sit and watch thunderstorms (not something that can be done with a typical deck).  Neighborhoods without front porches (or front sidewalks) do not have the same appeal to me - they give me a suburban feel where people leave their house only to get in the car and drive somewhere.  My front porch ties me in with my neighborhood.  The porch is permanent part of the house where as a deck is usually an afterthought.  I spent most of my free time last summer repairing and painting my porch and still I would not want to be without it. 

- Charley Liberko


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