The New and Improved Complex: 1886-1964




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This new residence was constructed in 1886 after the original complex was deemed "utterly inadequate for human inhabitance." This new home had two stories and an attic that was used for storage, but was off limits to inhabitants. The new complex also sported a number of other buildings designed to house administration and the steward and his family. Some patients in this facility were still confined behind bars, however it was still "above the average county institution." The brick in these buildings was made from clay harvested on the farm by the Oakes Tile Company.

Farm building

"The location of these buildings is now largely occupied by the Chatham Oaks county home facility built in 1964." However, some remains of the outbuildings are still visible today. The Old Asylum was eventually converted in to a hog farm and unfortunately, is the only surviving part of the old facility. Even though the patients no longer lived in the original complex, they still farmed the land.

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