80 Plus Power Supplies

Cornell replaces roughly one-fifth of our computers each year and last year we started purchasing new higher efficiency computers that use 80 PLUS® certified power supplies.  Efficient power supplies have many energy, as well as non-energy, benefits.

Energy Benefits

  • Energy Savings (kWh) – Efficient power supplies directly save 85 kWh per desktop PC per year, and 300 kWh per server per year. Upgrading to computers with 80 PLUS power supplies will reduce building cooling loads.
  • Peak Reduction (kW) – 80 PLUS qualified power supplies save 16 watts on desktop PCs and 34 watts on servers during peak demand periods.
  • Improved Power Quality – Higher power factor reduces current draw by roughly 50%, which means that up to twice as many computers can be placed on the same branch circuit.

Non-Energy Value Added Benefits
  • Increased System Reliability – Reduced heat output increases computer system reliability by up to 40%.
  • Decreased System Maintenance Costs – Increased reliability reduces costly repairs, IT support and lost worker productivity.
  • Lower TCO for PC Networks – Increased reliability of PCs, decreased maintenance and lengthened equipment life combine with energy savings to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of PC networks.
  • Increased Comfort – Reduced heat output minimizes the need for noisy PC fans, making for a quieter and more productive office environment.


Information courtesy - www.80PLUS.org