Cornell College offers a program leading to Iowa licensure in each of the following areas. Students interested in one or more of these areas should acquire from the Education Office (Room 103 College Hall) a specific outline of courses required by the college for each approved program or click on the desired licensure area below.

K-6 Elementary classroom
K-8 Art
K-8 English/Language Arts
K-8 French
K-8 German
K-8 History
K-8 Latin
K-8 Mathematics
K-8 Music
K-8 Physical Education
K-8 Russian
K-8 Science
K-8 Social Studies
K-8 Spanish

5-12 American Government
5-12 American History
5-12 Anthropology
5-12 Art
5-12 Biological Science
5-12 Chemistry
5-12 Earth Science


5-12 Economics
5-12 English/Language Arts
5-12 French
5-12 General Science
5-12 German
5-12 Latin
5-12 Mathematics
5-12 Music
5-12 Physics
5-12 Physical Education
5-12 Physical Science
5-12 Psychology
5-12 Russian
5-12 Sociology
5-12 Spanish
5-12 World History
5-12 All Social Sciences

K-12 Athletic Coach

For additional information consult the academic catalogue and the Education Office, 319-895-4358, fax 319-895-4473.