2013-14 Committees of the Faculty

Committee on Academic Affairs
Chair: Erin Davis (2014)
Three students
Ex officio : Joe Dieker
Consultants: Registrar, Director of Cole Library College Librarian Paul Waelchli
Members: Stephen Bean, Kara Beauchamp, Susannah Biondo-Gemmell, Jeff Cardon, Barbara Christie-Pope, Ellen Hoobler, Lynne Ikach, Carol Lacy-Salazar, Katy Stavreva, Aparna Thomas, Craig Teague, Jim White

Subcommittee on Academic Programs
Chair: Carol Lacy-Salazar (2014)
Members: Susannah Biondo-Gemmell, Barbara Christie-Pope, Katy Stavreva, Aparna Thomas
Consultant: Dean Dieker

Subcommittee on Academic Regulations
Chair: Craig Teague (2015)
Members: Jeff Cardon, Lynne Ikach
Ex officio: Registrar

Subcommittee on Academic Standing
Chair: Stephen Bean (2015)
Members: Kara Beauchamp, Ellen Hoobler, Jim White
Ex officio: Registrar
Consultant: Heidi Levine

Committee on Administration
Co-Chairs: President of the College, Charles Liberko (2015)
Consultants: Joe Dieker, Colleen Murphy
Members: Devan Baty, Marty Condon, James Freeman, Melinda Green, Jill Heinrich, Todd Knoop, Cynthia Strong, Philip Venticinque, Emily Walsh, David Yamanishi

Subcommittee on Faculty Salary
Chair: Cynthia Strong (2014)
Members: Philip Venticinque (2015), David Yamanishi (2016)

Subcommittee on Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion
Chair (ex officio): Joe Dieker
Vice-Chair: Emily Walsh (2014)
Members: Devan Baty (2015), Jill Heinrich (2015), Todd Knoop (2014)

Subcommittee on Recruitment and Admission
Chair: Marty Condon (2014)
Members: James Freeman (2016), Melinda Green (2015)
Ex officio: Colleen Murphy

Committee on Committees

Chair: William Dragon (2015)
Members: Glenn Freeman (2014), Michelle Herder (2014), Rebecca Wines (2015)

Committee on Student Life
Chair: Shannon Reed (2014)
Four students
Ex officio: All ex officio members of the subcommittees
Consultants: All consultants to the subcommittees
Members: Gregory Cotton, Kathryn Kauper, Lyle Lichty, Marcela Ochoa-Shivapour, Ross Sowell, Ellen Whale

Subcommittee on Student Governance
Chair: Gregory Cotton (Pledging Standards)
Member: Marcela Ochoa-Shivapour (Conduct Board)
Two Students
Ex officio: John Harp
Consultant: Heidi Levine

Subcommittee on Student Engagement and Retention
Chair: Kathryn Kauper (2015)
Members: Ross Sowell (2014)
One Student
Ex officio: Joe Dieker
Consultants: Ben Greenstein, Student Affairs staff member, one student

Subcommittee on Athletics
Chair (and Representative to Conference): Ellen Whale
Members: Lyle Lichty (Representative to Conference)
One Student
Consultants: John Cochrane, two coaches

Writing Program Committee
Chair: Sally Farrington-Clute
Members: Craig Allin, Leslie Hankins, Jama Stilwell
Ex officio: Shawn Doyle, Laura Farmer
Consultant: Paul Waelchli


Conduct Board
Chair: Rhawn Denniston (2014)
Member: Marcela Ochoa-Shivapour
One staff member (two-year term)
Two Students

Appeals Board
Chair: Lisa Hearne
Alternate: Craig Tepper
One administrative staff member, one alternative staff member
One student, one student alternative

Lecture, Artist, and Cultural Events Committee
Chair: Robert Givens
Members: Andy McCollum, Rob Sutherland, Janeve West
One student
Ex officio: Heidi Levine, Dee Ann Rexroat

Diversity Committee
Chair: Mary Olson (2015)
Members: Sue Astley, John Gruber-Miller, Catherine Stewart
Staff members: Heather Roberts, Marie Schofer, Cassandra Krumbholz
Student members: Four students, plus a fifth student who is the Chair of the Student Senate Student Life Committee or a student appointed by the Student Senate
Ex officio: Ken Morris

Reaccreditation Committee
Chair: Tony deLaubenfels
Members: Hans Hassell, Martin Hearne, Tony Plaut


Berry Center Operations Committee
Chair: Leon Tabak
Members: Devan Baty, Hans Hassell, Santhi Hejeebu, Jerry Savitsky, David Yamanishi

Committee for the Project on Civic Engagement and Social Responsibility
Chair: John Gruber-Miller
Members: Alfrieta Monagan, Janeve West

Faculty Development Advisory Committee
Administrator: Dean Dieker
Members: Steven DeVries, James Martin, Alfrieta Monagan, Michelle Mouton, Brian Nowak-Thompson

International Study Oversight Committee (ISOC)
Chair: Ben Greenstein
Members: Carol Enns, Ellen Hoobler, Marcela Ochoa-Shivapour, Craig Tepper

Library Advisory Committee
Chair: Paul Waelchli
Members: Craig Allin, Steve Bean, Steve DeVries, Ellen Hoobler, Joseph Molleur

Literary Arts Operations Committee
Chair: Glenn Freeman
Members: Leslie Hankins, Jennifer Rouse, Katy Stavreva, Jama Stilwell, Rebecca Wines
Ex officio: Mark Mayer

Operations Committee for Dimensions
Chair: Barbara Christie-Pope
Members: Alice Ganzel, Brian Nowak-Thompson, Craig Tepper

Student Symposium Committee
Members: Greg Cotton, Brian Nowak-Thompson, Ross Sowell


Curriculum Advisory Committee
Administrator: Dean Dieker
Members: Suzette Astley, Kara Beauchamp, Santhi Hejeebu, Philip Venticinque, Paul Waelchli, Janeve West


Technology Policy Advisory Committee
Chair: Paul Waelchli
Members: Tony deLaubenfels, Glenn Freeman

Instructional Technology Subcommitte
Members: Marty Condon, Michelle Herder, Ross Sowell

Crisis Response Team
Craig Teague - 3 year term ending (2015)

Institutional Research Advisory Committee
Chair: Becki Elkins
Members: Kara Beauchamp, Marty Condon, David Yamanishi

Institutional Review Board
Chair: Barbara Christie-Pope
Members: Becki Elkins,Carol Enns, Kate Kauper, Brenda Lovstein, David Yamanishi, Jim Bonewald (community member)