Students in the Hilltop Café or in Zamora's Market are expected to follow all College policies (refer to the Compass for current student polices). The following additional policies related to the dining experience also apply.

General conduct

  • A current Student ID card is required for all meal or flex dollar swipes. Verbal ID numbers are not accepted. Students who have lost their ID card should visit the Residence Life website for information associated with replacing an ID card.
  • Shirt and shoes must be worn at all times in the Café and in the Market.
  • All glasses, dishes and silverware must remain in the Café or in the Market at all times.
  • Students interested in advertising in the Hilltop Café should complete the table tent request form and follow all procedures outlined on the request form. Advertising in any other location in the dining hall is not permitted.

Meal plan use

  • Students who dine in (as opposed to getting their meal to go) are permitted to take with them one piece of hand fruit (orange, apple, banana, etc.), one cookie, one dessert bar or one ice cream cone; no other food or drink can be removed from the Café.
  • Students who get their meal to go (as opposed to dining in) must leave their ID card at the reception stand and will have a short period of time to fill only the allotted to-go containers provided by the dining services staff; students getting their meal to go are not permitted to consume any food in the Café.
  • Provided they have sufficient meals remaining, students may "swipe" in guests into the dining hall; students may also swipe once to dine in and then swipe again to get a meal to go (unless a student swipes twice for the same meal period, a student getting food to go cannot consume food in the dining hall and a student dining in cannot take food from the dining hall except as outlined above).

Meal plan requirement

Since Cornell is a residential college, all students, with the exceptions noted below, are required to participate in the full meal plan.

The following students may request a full or partial meal plan or may opt out of the meal plan:

The following students may request a full or partial meal plan (but may not opt out of the meal plan):

Meal plan refunds

  • The College is in the process of revising its policies and protocols for meal reimbursements. This information will be published here no later than the end of July.