Current Cornell Fellows

Cornell Fellows are placed in a wide variety of professional roles and industries across the United States. During the course of what is normally an eight-week experience, Fellows accomplish tangible and complex projects that allow them to contribute to their host organization as well as develop significant insight into a potential career path.

Elliot Carter '14
Black Fellow in International Policy
Global Zero; Washington, DC

Grace Callahan '14
Black Fellow in Arts Management
First Stage Spring Hill Theatre; Tysons Corner, Virgina

Allan Knight '14
Chaffin Fellow in Psychology
University of Iowa; Iowa City, IA

Tiffany Lawless '15
Coleman Fellow in Behavioral Psychology
University of Iowa; Iowa City, IA

Bridget Ollesch '15
Bowen Fellow in Children's Research
The Children's Hospital; Aurora, CO

Aubrey Orne-Adams '14
Mansfield Foundation International Fellow in Education
Torbay School; Waiake, Auckland, New Zealand

John Srodulski '14
Hanson Fellow in Finance
Teacher Created Materials; Huntington Beach, CA

Pradeep Swar '14
Dimmitt Fellow in Entrepreneurship
Christopher Swanson, Attorney at Law; Chicago, IL