Major: Psychology of Performance (individualized)

Hometown: Centennial, Colorado

My fellowship experience:
It was my goal to dip my toes into a variety of areas on the organizational side of a non-profit in order to decide whether or not the non-profit sector is the right place for me professionally. By the end of the summer I achieved that goal: I served as an event planner, graphic designer, caregiver, grant reporter, media outreach, and (my favorite) a case manager for a fantastic non-profit organization. I plan to work in a non profit in a capacity where I directly serve people and requires that I utilize my ability to synthesize. I am strongly considering case management as a place to start my future career.

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Caryn Shebowich

Caryn Shebowich '15

Mansfield Foundation Fellow in Nonprofit Management

Project Transitions, Inc.
Austin, Texas

Aims of the Fellowship
Understand where my skill set is best suited in the non-profit sector.  Explore best practices in nonprofit administration.  Be immersed in a professional work environment.  Provide significant and meaningful impact to Project Transitions.

Faculty Sponsor
Janeve West, Theatre