Major: Elementary Education

Hometown: Tijeras, New Mexico

My fellowship experience: From my first moments in New Zealand and every day following, I learned an immense amount about the education system, new styles of teaching, and myself as an educator. One of the most apparent differences between the American educational system and the New Zealand educational system was the levels of autonomy that are given to teachers. This forced me to grow as an educator as I learned to create original lessons, and recognize learning as a natural process, not something that can be based solely on statistics. seeing the way another education system works gave me confidence in my own abilities and made me realize my passion for learning about education in other cultures.

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Aubrey Orne-Adams '14

Mansfield Foundation International Fellow in Education

Torbay School; Waiake, Auckland, New Zealand

Aims of the Fellowship
I hope to gain an incredible new knowledge base for classroom management ideas, teaching techniques, educational theories, and a new educational system entirely.
This fellowship will give me an opportunity to challenge myself to be flexible in my teaching and learning. It will help me learn new theories about education and see these theories put into action.

Faculty Sponsor
Cindy Postler, Education