Major: Biomechanics (individualized)

Hometown: Torrance, California

My fellowship experience:
During my fellowship at Twin Cities Orthopedics Physical Therapy I learned a great deal about medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, the science behind specific treatments, and skills that are important for a successful career in physical therapy. Over the course of the fellowship, I studied the rehabilitation process after a total or partial knee replacement. Not only did my fellowship expose me to various skills that are essential for a successful physical therapist, but it opened my eyes to various career routes within physical therapy.

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Laura Ettlin

Laura Ettlin '14

Mansfield Foundation Fellow in Physical Therapy

Twin Cities Orthopedics
Edina, Minnesota

Aims of the Fellowship
To have a basic understanding of the rehabilitation process for a patient recovering from a knee replacement (total or partial).

Faculty Sponsor
Steve DeVries, Kinesiology