Tyler VanderGaast '15


Major: Economics & Business

Hometown: Fairfield, Iowa

My fellowship experience:
Working under the guidance of both the marketing and editorial departments gave me a little bit broader view of what actually goes into making publishing work, and I have to say, the marketing side pulled me more than I expected. The experience of working in a professional environment with passionate employees surrounding me has definitely sparked more of my interest in business and I am glad to be pursuing a degree in this field in preparation for life after graduation.

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Tyler VanderGaast '15

Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Name
Waln Fellow in Publishing

Westview Press

Aims of the Fellowship
To gain knowledge and experience of the operations and goals of the publishing industry.  To work closely with editorial staff to secure and maintain reviews for proposals and manuscripts.  Work with professionals in all departments to become more familiar with their operations in order to gain a full experience in the academic publishing field.

Faculty Sponsor
Shannon Reed, English