Bridget Ollesch '15


Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Hometown: Maroa, Illinois

My fellowship experience:
During my fellowship, I performed a wide variety of tasks which helped me become familiarized with the process of clinical research. One of the most important aspects of my experience at Children’s Hospital Colorado was the experience I gained through shadowing. I was provided various opportunities to observe doctors in both clinical and surgical settings throughout my experience. The shadowing opportunities allowed me to better understand patient-doctor interaction, as well as observe some of the daily responsibilities of doctors. The excitement I had for conducting medical research, combined with my positive networking and shadowing experiences, has allowed me to leave my Fellowship more confident than ever that medicine is the right career for me.

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Bridget Ollesch '15

Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Name 
Bowen Fellow in Children's Research

The Children's Hospital
Aurora, Colorado

Aims of the Fellowship
During this fellowship, I am working to improve important skills by assisting in a retrospective research project designed to better understand the long-term effects of spinal fusions on patients with myelomeningocele, and the risk factors associated with complications.

Faculty Sponsor
Craig Tepper, Biology