Eileen Lindstrom '13


Major: Math and Education
Minor: Russian

Hometown: Roseville, MN

My fellowship experience:
As a result of my time in Tomsk I have learned good and bad ways to manage a classroom. I know that there are certain things that I can do as a teacher which will make my students burst into laughter instead of quieting down.  As a result of all the time I spent in front of my students I now feel much more comfortable in a classroom as the lead teacher.  I also realized that I know much more English than I thought I knew, and I feel more confidant teaching English because I have a vast background knowledge.

View Eileen's Cornell Fellows Showcase presentation here.

Eileen Lindstrom '13

Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Name
Secor International Fellow in Secondary Education

School #24
Tomsk, Russia

Aims of the Fellowship
Gain more experience in front of a classroom as well as to learn how to teach students English. My goals while in Russia are to learn more about the culture of Russia and it's schools, to learn additional ways to teach students and to manage the classroom, as well as to improve my Russian skills.

Faculty Sponsor: Cindy Postler, Education