Stephanie Larios '13


Major: Biology and Ethnic Studies

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

My fellowship experience:

Prior to my fellowship with the CRCRC, I was not certain of what I could “do” with my Ethnic Studies major. However, this fellowship has enabled me to implement what I have learned in my Ethnic Studies classes to a real life setting. In turn, the CRCRC has increased my passion for social justice, providing me with insight on the various careers that would enable me to actively work towards the end of discrimination within society.

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Stephanie Larios '13

Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Name
Julian Fellow in Civil Rights

Cedar Rapids Civil Rights Commission
Cedar Rapids, IA

Aims of the Fellowship
To gain awareness and insight as to the workings of the Civil Rights Commission and how the matter of discrimination and racism are addressed and remedied in the city of Cedar Rapids. This internship is foremost a learning experience meant to provide me with a knowledge of various career paths applicable to Ethnic Studies.

Faculty Sponsor:
Catherine Stewart, Ethnic Studies