Hayden Howard '14


Major: Sociology/Anthropology

Hometown: Aurora, Texas

My fellowship experience:
One of the most important and worthwhile things I learned about was the huge problem of medication non-adherence in patients. Another valuable lesson I learned is the need for politicians on both sides of aisle to work together to create the most accessible, affordable healthcare system possible. Thanks to my fellowship my new career goal is to run a hospital, more specifically a Pediatric hospital. NACDS, though they are a pharmacy association, has really taught me that all healthcare professionals are important and necessary if we are to truly have a universal healthcare system. I absolutely know that my experiences at NACDS have led me to this newfound career path.

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Hayden Howard '14

Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Name 
Anderson Fellow in Public Affairs

National Association of Chain Drug Stores
Washington, DC

Aims of the Fellowship
My main goal is to learn the business side of healthcare and the particular legislation that affects chain drug stores and their interests.

Faculty Sponsor
Mary Olson, Sociology