Ni An '14


Major: Geology

Hometown: Xi'an, Shaanxi, China

My fellowship experience:
Through my fellowship I was able to get acquainted with the working conditions of a technician, and I was able to learn about different projects within the environmental science field and the career paths they took from a multitude of professors and lab workers at both the Baruch Marine Field Lab of University of South Carolina and the lab of Clemson University. I gained knowledge about salt marshes and coastal environments, learned valuable skills about using different pieces of equipment, became friends with many wise and kind people, built up some muscles and, most importantly, was given a better idea about what I would like to do - and what I would not enjoy doing - in the future.

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Ni An '14

Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Name
Rogers Fellow in Environmental Studies

Baruch Institute of Marine & Costal Science at University of South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina

Aims of the Fellowship
To do research in coastal salt marsh and gain experience in using various pieces of equipment including centrifuge, particle sizing analyzer, muffle furnace and analytical balance.

Faculty Sponsor
Rhawn Denniston, Geology