Jennifer Knox '14


Major: International Relations and Classical Studies
Hometown: Dallas, TX

My fellowship experience:
I experienced so many different facets of what it will take to work in this field in the future. I witnessed the complex negotiations and political maneuvers required to build support and galvanize a campaign; the practical and specific planning and incremental goal-setting necessary to reach such a sweeping aim as a world without nuclear weapons; the dynamics and the diplomacy – and the camaraderie – that comes from working so closely with an intimate group, and the agonizing and repetitive work, of which event planning is a prime example, that must be accomplished to keep all other considerations humming smoothly.

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Jennifer Knox '14

Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Name
Stanclift Fellow in International Policy

Global Zero
Washington, DC

Aims of the Fellowship
- Engagement in research about contemporary nuclear policy developments tracking and highlighting news and current events
- Contribution to logistics and coordination efforts of 2012 Global Zero student summit at Yale
- Distillation of complex policy presentations to easily accessible summaries
- Experience first-hand the operations of small, grassroots campaign/non-profit through participation in meetings, work streams, and projects
- Involvement in campaign development and the process of making issues simple, attractive, and accessible beyond the Beltway

Faculty Sponsor
David Yamanishi, Politics