Alec Hynes '13


Major: Theatre and Religion
Hometown: Glenwood Springs, CO

My fellowship experience:
I come away from L'Abri with a unique immersion Religion Studies experience and an artistic pathway that seems freed from last year's debris. L'Abri reminded me why I love not just theatre, but art. Art is nourishing, and the Christian understanding of art's essential nature demonstrated for me why religion and spirituality are the ancient roots of art and performance.

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Alec Hynes '13

Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Name
Johnson Fellow in Performance Studies

L'Abri Fellowship
Greatham, England

Aims of the Fellowship
The time spent at L'Abri is aimed at providing a community atmosphere given to discussion and engagement in which to develop an artistic statement and the beginning of a 'final project' to encapsulate the work put into my B.S.S.

Faculty Sponsor
Jim VanValen, Theatre