Chase Nowak '12


Major: Economics and Business
Minor: Geology
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

My fellowship experience:
I feel like the internship at Target provided me a good insight into what it is like to work for a large corporation. I have noticed that the “Fast, Fun, and Friendly” atmosphere is unique at Target relative to other companies that I have visited or nonprofits that I have worked for. Furthermore, the Fellowship at Target provided me an opportunity to translate my hard work ethic that I gained from the classes that I have taken at Cornell and apply them at the job-site. This made it possible for me to receive a full-time job offer to come back to Target upon graduation as a Business Analyst.

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Chase Nowak '12

Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Name
Target Corporation Fellow in Business Analysis

Target Corporation
Minneapolis, MN

Aims of the Fellowship:
I was tasked to identify the strengths and weaknesses of Target's current planogram proofing process for the Deli and Bakery departments. A planogram is a floor plan that is used to set up how Target products look on the shelf prior to the actual set that is seen in stores. Additionally, I had a one-week period where I was able to job shadow a Business Analyst to get a better feel for the full-time job position.

Faculty Sponsor: Chris Conrad