Ashley Sexton '07


Major:  Elementary Education
Minor:  Psychology
Hometown: Highland, IL

My fellowship experience
“As an educator, this initiative has made a major impact on my view of relationship building with coworkers. I have seen what a difference it can make for students when the school places a high importance on communication. As I prepare to graduate from Cornell this spring and teach in a classroom of my own, I will use this experience and incorporate it into my own classroom by communicating with the teachers below me whether it is preschool, first grade or even fifth grade.”

Ashley Sexton '07

Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Name
Fifteen in 5 Fellow for Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development Initiative
Cedar Rapids, IA

Aims of the Fellowship
To work with the Fifteen in Five Early Childhood Initiative Project for the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation and the Cedar Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce. The goal of this initiative is to make learning available for all children who are under the age of four. The initiative intends on developing information packets and providing scholarships for families who are living in poverty, thus allowing children who live in poverty to have similar educational opportunities as children who come from a financially stable household. In addition to the previous goal, the initiative also set a goal to prepare all children in Linn County to be “kindergarten ready”. In order for children to be “kindergarten ready,” the initiative needed to find out what educational system was currently implemented in these school districts. This is where my research comes in to play.

Faculty Sponsor
Gayle Luck, Education