Logan Rott '07


Major:  International Relations; Economics & Business

My fellowship experience

"I could not have imagined having a better primer for operating in the industry and the business world in general, because by the time I was done I had experienced and learned what is required of nearly each associate working on the commercial side of the business as well as dealt with the necessity of being an effective communicator, time manager, and organizer, and above all else an assistant to those in need."

Logan Rott '07

Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Name
Ryan Fellowship in Financial Services

Robert W. Baird & Company

Milwaukee, WI

Aims of the Fellowship
This fellowship provides a substantive experience at R.W. Baird and Company's office in Milwaukee, WI.  The Fellow will work in the client Services department of this national brokerage firm, learning how to manage brokerage accounts.

Faculty Sponsor
Santhi Hejeebu, Economics and Business