Michael Elledge '07


Major:  Economics and Business; Psychology

My fellowship experience
"I truly feel like I was able to become part of their team.  Along the way I experienced rejection, surprise, disagreements and understanding.  However, having finally finished my internship for the Waste Management section of the 15 in 5 Initiative, I can truly say that I have tasted the real world."



Michael Elledge '07

Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Name
Fifteen in Five Fellowship for Waste Management

East Central Iowa Council of Governments
Cedar Rapids, IA

Aims of the Fellowship
Working on developing an innovative, economical, and widely accepted waste management plan for Linn County.  Three sub-committees have been organized in this effort; they represent land filling, recycling and waste-to-energy programs.  By the time I began my internship with Jennifer Ryan, a member of the East Central Iowa Council of Governments, the three sub-committees had developed a general idea of what direction they wanted to move in.  Therefore, it became my job to evaluate other counties and their success with similar waste management plans.

Faculty Sponsor
A'amer Farooqi, Economics and Business