The program focuses on experiential learning. Participants will learn to draw even more from experiences that they are already doing.

Cornell Leadership Certificate Program

The Cornell Leadership Certificate Program is a cocurricular program that will help participants grow into more capable, confident, and engaged leaders. Cornell's program is built on the Social Change Model of Leadership Development, which recognizes that leadership is a process not a position.

Students involved with the program will engage in a series of workshops, experiences, and reflections that will help them develop the skills needed to positively impact their communities. Students may earn a non-credit certificate for each program component they complete.

Why Join?

This is not just a leadership development seminar. The Cornell Leadership Certificate Program is an intensive experience that will build upon the activities in which students are already involved, helping students develop a better understanding of themselves and those around them.

Students who complete the program will improve their skills in areas like collaboration, communication, and problem solving. These skills help prepare students to leave Cornell as active citizens and with a set of skills that potential employers value.