Advisor: John Gruber-Miller

This interdisciplinary major is based on the study of language, literature, and civilization and allows for a creative and flexible program that will touch all aspects of the ancient world--its art, history, religion, philosophy, literature, society, and culture.

Major: A minimum of nine course credits, which include:

  1. Three course credits in either Latin or Greek at or above the 200 level;
  2. Two course credits in Greek and Roman literature in English translation selected from CLA 216, 364, 372, and 373;
  3. Three course credits in related areas selected from ART 251 (Greek and Hellenistic Art), 252 (Etruscan and Roman Art); CLA 230 (Cultural Crossroads in Antiquity); 264 (Women in Antiquity), 381 (Greek Archaeology), 382 (Roman Archaeology); PHI 302 (Ancient Philosophy); REL 251 (Jesus in the Gospels), 252 (Epistles of Paul), 353 (Christian Foundations).
  4. CLA 487 Junior-Senior Seminar.

A term of independent research is highly recommended. With the permission of the major advisor, relevant courses from other departments may be counted toward the major.

Minor: A minimum of five course credits which include two courses in either Latin or Greek at or above the 200 level; one course credit in Greek and Roman literature in English translation; and two other courses approved for the Classical Studies major.