(No prerequisites -- fulfill BA humanities requirement -- all taught in English translation)

CLA 1-372 Epic Tradition: Classical and Modern Odysseys

Odysseus and the Sirens
Odysseus and the Sirens

Think of this course as Classical Mythology: the Sequel. Beginning with Homer's Odyssey, we will follow other great journeys across the Mediterannean and beyond, including Vergil's story of the wanderings of Aeneas, the Apuleius' comic odyssey, The Golden Ass, and Native American writer Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony. This course is a great way to become familiar with Greek and Roman mythology and three of antiquity's greatest narratives; it is also an excellent introduction to the modern novel, picaresque romances, and other modern fiction.

CLA 2-216, Classical Mythology

Demeter and Persephone

Demeter and PersephoneApollo and DionysosAchilles and Agamemnon
Medea and Alcestis. Names of myth and legend, deception and intrigue,
true love and not so true love. Study of the development of the myth,
legend, and folklore of the ancient world, especially its placein ancient
Greek and Roman culture, and its survival in the modern world.

Sample Syllabus for Classical Mythology

CLA 3-255 Roman History

This in an introductory course in Roman history that will cover major social, economic, and political developments from the founding of Rome to the reign of Constantine, with an emphasis on Rome’s rise to power beginning with the Punic Wars to the reign of Constantine, who transferred the capital of the empire to Constantinople. Topics to be discussed include the civil wars, the creation of empire, Rome’s place in the ancient Mediterranean world, Roman religion and Christianity. (Humanities)  Hannibal crossing the Alps
Hannibal crossing the Alps