Trip Descriptions 

Crisis Management and Prevention - We will be going to work with a Children’s Crisis Center. “The Child Crisis Center provides a 24-hour/day, seven-days/week emergency shelter and crisis nursery to children ages newborn through 12 years of age. The Child Crisis Center is host to many programs to help the community as listed below: The Respite program provides opportunities for families to have another care provider take care of their child with special needs for a brief period of time in order for the family to have a period of relief. The Visitation center is a safe and neutral place for parents who are divorced or separated to conduct monitored visits and exchanges with their children. Healthy Families is an intensive home visitation program for 122 pregnant and parenting teenage families. Helping Hands Project is a train-the-trainer program, which seeks to meet the need for child abuse prevention programs by recruiting, and training community volunteers to be peer educators within their community. The “Safe Child Program” is a comprehensive child abuse prevention curriculum for children, ages 3 to 18. The program teaches prevention of sexual, emotional and physical abuse by people known to the child; prevention of abuse and abduction by strangers; and safety in self-care. Community Base Family Resource & Support Center is the local clearinghouse for child abuse prevetion and education materials including a parent library,videos and trainings. ” Tasks could range from helping take care of children to working with health affairs.

LGBTQ Activism – We will be focusing on the inequalities faced by the LGBTQ community. We’ll be working with a number of different organizations including PFLAG, Howard Brown, and a Food Depository. We’ll also be working with several activists including John D’emilio, a key member in the Stonewall Riots, and Devlin Marcotte, internet activist.  Ideal participants are those interested in LGBTQ activism or in learning more about the LGBTQ community, and in combining hands-on, direct service, with indirect service learning."

Homelessness – This trip will focus on the social roots of homelessness. We will be staying at a local church and working primarily with Cass Community Services, a non profit that focuses on direct interaction and service as attainable homelessness solutions. We will also work with other non profits in the area in order to broaden our knowledge and perspective of ways to eradicate homelessness. Over the course of the week, we will participate in a variety of residential programs (bingo nights, craft making, etc), facility improvement projects, and direct service (serving meals, etc). In preparation for our trip, we will also hold a series of educational training sessions about the social effects and causes of homelessness as well as perform a few pre-trip service projects in Iowa. We are excited to delve into an important issue in a real-life, hands-on, intense way; it's ASB, block plan style!

Disaster Relief - On this trip we intend to travel to the sight of a disaster and help in the rebuilding process however we can. Working with various organizations and people we hope to help in the relief effort however possible. Education aspects of this trip will include talking to residents about their experiences and learning what the rebuilding process has been like. For those who are unfamiliar with the home-rebuilding/renovation process there will also be opportunities to learn simple lessons that go into the process. This trip will present a great opportunity for the members to get out and see what can be accomplished in a hard days or weeks work and to help ones fellow man get back on their feet.

Sustainable Agriculture - Food is important. This trip will focus on urban farming: a movement that not only has positive environmental impacts, but is also vital in the fight against poverty and hunger. We will work primarily with Grow Dat Youth Farm. While assisting staff with the upkeep of the farm, we will learn about the practice of sustainable agriculture. In addition, we will see the farm's role as a producer of fresh food and youth opportunity, in a community that has a limited amount of both.

Poverty - Our trip will be working with Fresh Ministries, a local nonprofit which targets poverty in women, children, and families. We will have the opportunity to work in direct tutoring roles with children, do hands-on projects with Habitat for Humanity, and more. We will also perform pre-trip service related to our trip.

Human Trafficking - "Human trafficking, also known as modern-day slavery, is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world. Every year, traffickers victimize millions of people around the world, including in the United States. Dawn’s Place is a non-profit organization which focuses on providing a safe place for women to recover from the abuses they have suffered from being sexually exploited. Throughout the week, we will work with residents in life skills workshops, GED tutoring and fun activities. We will also help to improve the facilities with some spring upgrades."

Children’s Health - Our trip will focus on issues of patient care in children affected by a wide variety of illnesses. We will be traveling to LeBonheur Children’s Hospital. We will work directly alongside children who are being hospitalized in order to help brighten their day. Possible tasks may include sitting with patients who are by themselves, taking an activity cart form room to room to offer crafts to kids at their bedside, bringing coffee and hot chocolate to patients and their families, as well as performing necessary clerical tasks. This trip is ideal for anyone interested in working with children and their families to provide compassionate care. Ideally, trip members will return to campus with a new perspective on not just healthcare, but life.  

Urban Youth and Education – On this trip we will be working with Create Your Dreams, an after-school, youth development program that promotes education and hard work, helping students to break the cycle of generational poverty and create a brighter future for themselves. We will be working directly with the youth in their after school programs as well as assisting the organization with their other work throughout the day.

Animal Rehabilitation – Animal rehabilitation and environmental stewardship is the focus of our ASB Trip. The organization we’re partnering with, Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary, is dedicated to caring for small mammals--such as fawn, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, woodchucks, rabbits, and opossums—that have been displaced due to the loss of habit in New Jersey.  In addition to direct interaction with shelter animals, we’ll also become more aware of conservation and environmental preservation efforts within the state.

ASB Leadership Teams for 2014

Erin Vick, Dan Carney & Ben Rosen

Stacey Harrison & Jarod Armenta

Caryn Shebowich & Lydia Meece

Lili Bjorklund & Katlyn Arndt

Yasmin Bou Karim & Bridget Ollesch

Zoe'e Jordan & Ann Marie Garcia

Nathan Spalding & Emily Wyler

Mary Willis & Ashleigh Kanack

Hailey Severance & Max Bertsos

Rebecca Mather & Josh Boegner