Events and Retreats

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Also see Soul Feast Ecumencal Wednesday worship with Peace Eucharist, and Friday mediation/contemplative spiritual practices.

The Chaplain & Spiritual Life office sponsors a wide variety of opportunities for spiritual growth and exploration, worship and devotion, social justice and service, and diversity appreciation throughout the year. Check out the Religious Life events calendar for full listing. Some of the offerings for 2010-2011 include:

FALL INTER-SPIRITUALITY RETREAT : Living in the Flow of Grace: Spiritual
Sat., Sept. 18th:  12:15-6p.m

Practices for cultivating equanimity, well being, peace, and God consciousness.  Includes hatha yoga,  meditation, praying with scripture, breathing practices for physical and mental stress reduction and expansion of spiritual awareness, an introduction to working with chakra or energy - flowing grace - Spirit  - Life Force of Divine presence within, and being conduits of compassion, grace,& peace.

SILENT MONASTIC RETREAT @  Benedictine Abbey.  Feb. block break (Wed. @ noon - Friday @ noon).

Almost Monthly Inter-spiritual HEALING WISDOM series on FORGIVENESS & RECONCILIATION.   3rd Wed. of block @ noon during Soul Feast in Allee.

Jewish perspectives (The High Holy Days):  Rabbi Todd of Temple Judah - Sept. 15
Zen Buddhist perspective:   Zen priest, Zuiko Redding - Oct. 13
Sharing Our Own Forgiveness & Reconciliation Stories:  November 10
Christian perspectives: - t.b.a. (Jan or March)        
Muslim perspectives:  Joe Aossey, April
Victim — Offender Mediation Stories - Mediator and attorney, Jerry Partrige (Jan or March)
Global Politics—Truth & Reconciliation: Prof. David Yamanishi, Politics - Feb.


 SPIRITUAL ROAD TRIPS to various houses of worship in the area including Hindu Temple on Dawali.

 OUR LIVES AS SACRED TEXTS: SPIRITUAL AUTO-BIOGRAPHY SERIES. Features the journeys of various faculty

 ROSH HA SHANAH & EID CELEBRATION @ Chaplain’s Home.  rsvp required.  (see Hillel for Shabbat and other Jewish observances)

 CROP WALK—local and global hunger relief




MLK VIGIL - Monday, Jan 21 partnering with BACO and Intercultural Life.


ASH WED., & HOLY WEEK services

Hanukkah celebrations: contact Hillel president Abbey Michaelson (a-michaelson).

Sampler of other Spirituality Programs & Retreats over the years (see also "worship") + Multi-faith Houses of Worship Fair + Spiritual Exploration Road Trips to Hindu Temple, Hispanic Mass, and more + Yoga relaxation retreat in Chaplain's garden + "The Holy Within Retreat: Experiencing God in Nature, Others, & Self " retreat + Monastic retreat at Trappist Monastery (Roman Catholic Benedictine spirituality but open to all) + CROP Walk + Grief, Spirituality & AIDS lecture (Dr. Margaret Kim Peterson, author of Sing Me To Heaven) + The Courage to Heal: Healing workshop for survivors of childhood and adult sexual abuse. + Journey to Wholeness Labyrinth Meditation Walk + Lecture & discussion with Iraqi Peace Observer Peggy Gish + Chaplain talk on Values & Leadership (Emerging Leaders Program) + E'id Dinner/end of Ramadan celebration at Chaplain's home + Candlelight Christmas Service + Poinsettia Memorial Tributes to Honor Loved Ones + Shabbat with Hillel at Chaplain's home + Napali dinner at Chaplain's home + Tsunami relief fund raiser + Spiritual Health workshop w/ Connect Floor + Ash Wednesday observance + slam lecture featuring Islamic Studies PhD. student and Cornell graduate Roshan Iqbal + Annual Yom ha-Shoah Holocaust & Genocide Studies Lecture + Loving Kindness: Multi-Faith and Multi-Cultural Stories on the ethic Caring for Strangers (collaboration with international students) + Forgiveness from Multi-Faith and Multi-Cultural Perspectives (collaboration with international students) +

BACCALAUREATE King Chapel, May 28, 9:00 a.m. Interfaith worship service the morning of commencement. Songs, prayers, words of gratitude from senior class for loved ones, sermon by chaplain, organ, faculty & student procession & more.

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