Combined Degrees Program in Environmental Management and Forestry

Cornell students in this Three-Two Program earn a baccalaureate degree from Cornell College and a master's degree from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, in either Forestry (M.F.) or Environmental Management (M.E.M.) after completing three years of study at Cornell and a minimum of two years of graduate work at Duke. Students should select a major in the natural or social sciences, economics and business, or environmental studies, and include courses in botany, calculus, statistics, and economics. Candidates for this program must also satisfy the requirements set forth above under "Degree Programs in Combination with Professional Schools."

The Master of Forestry degree program concentrates on forest and associated resources, including woodlands, water, wildlife, and recreation, and their management from an ecological and economic point of view. Graduates are qualified for employment as professional foresters with government agencies, forest industries, and other organizations.

The Master of Environmental Management degree program considers natural resources in a broader context. The basic objective of this degree is to develop expertise in planning and administering the management of the natural environment for maximum human benefit with minimum deterioration of ecosystem stability. Concentrations include resource ecology, ecotoxicology and environmental chemistry, water and air resources, and resource economics and policy. Program Advisor: S. Andy McCollum