Although Cornell College does not offer an engineering degree, students at Cornell have several options by which to prepare for a career in engineering. Through the Combined Degrees Program in Engineering, students may enter an engineering school after three years at Cornell and then transfer credits back to complete the Cornell degree. (See Combined Degrees Program in Engineering.) Some students may prefer to finish their degree at Cornell and then spend two to three years at an engineering school to obtain the Bachelor of Science in Engineering. Students may also directly enter a graduate program in engineering after receiving a bachelor's degree from Cornell, usually with a major in one of the natural sciences, mathematics, or computer science.

The best option for a particular student depends on the intended field of engineering and on whether or not the student plans to obtain a professional engineering license. For this reason, students should consult with the pre-engineering advisor during their first year of study at Cornell. Although requirements may vary, preparation for further work in engineering usually includes: MAT 121 (Calculus of a Single Variable), 122 (Calculus of Several Variables), 221 (Linear Algebra), and 236 (Differential Equations); PHY 161, 162, and 263 (General Physics I, II, and Laboratory); CHE 121 and 122 (Chemical Principles I and II) or 161 (Accelerated General Chemistry); and CSC 140 (Foundations of Computer Science). Those planning to specialize in chemical engineering should also take CHE 225, 326, and 327 (Organic Chemistry I, II, and Laboratory). Engineering Advisor: Kara Beauchamp