The requirements for admission to medical school (including osteopathy, podiatry, and veterinary medicine) and the courses which are prerequisites for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) are more or less the same. The MCAT is based upon a core of work in the sciences which should be completed before attempting the test. Consult the Dimensions web site located at, or consult the pre-med advisors (Barbara Christie-Pope and Craig Tepper) for further information.

At Cornell the essential minimum preparation consists of the following courses: BIO 141 and 142 (Foundations: Cellular Biology and Foundations: Organismal Biology), 205 (Cell and Molecular Biology); CHE 121 and 122 (Chemical Principles I and II) or 161 (Accelerated General Chemistry), 225, 326, and 327 (Organic Chemistry I, II, and Laboratory); MAT 119-120 or 121 (Calculus of a Single Variable); and either PHY 141, 142, and 263 (Introductory Physics I, II, and Laboratory) or 161, 162, and 263 (General Physics I, II, and Laboratory). Other relevant courses are BIO 211 (Evolution), 313 (Developmental Biology), 315 (Genetics), 326 (Microbiology), 327 (Immunology), 328 (Neurobiology), 329 and 330 (Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II); CHE 334 (Biochemistry); COM 121 (Speech Communication), found under "Education", and STA 201 (Statistical Methods I).