Language and Linguistics (LAL)

280/380. Internship: see Courses 280/380.

290/390. Individual Project: see Courses 290/390.

308. Language Teaching Methodology
Theoretical and practical issues involved in teaching foreign languages, including human learning, first language acquisition, cognitive variations in language learning, personality and sociocultural factors, linguistic aspects of language learning, and testing. Includes 30 hours of observation-practicum in the schools in teaching foreign language. Students must provide their own transportation. Required for secondary education certification in foreign language and ESL. Prerequisites: 205 course in a foreign language and EDU 215. Alternate years. Same course as EDU 308.

350.Philosophy of Language
Introduction to problems and methods in the philosophy of language: meaning, reference, the relation between speech and thought, the relation between language and reality, speech acts, metaphor. Alternate years. (Humanities)

352. Linguistics
A scientific view of languages, their characteristics, and their variations. Introduction to the more important sub-field of linguistics. Illustrations from English and other languages. Relationships between linguistics and other social sciences, showing research methods and conveying the view that language permeates both thought and culture. Offered subject to availability of faculty. (Social Science)