Other Fees and Charges

Other Fees and Charges


Application Fee


Audit Fee (for students not enrolled), per course


Credit by Examination (if administered by Cornell)


No Payment Plan Late Fee

$25 per week through first block of a semester 

Monthly Payment Plan Late Fee

  $20 per month

Returned Check Fee


Diploma Replacement Fee


Enrollment and Accounts Receivable Deposit


Orientation Fee


Evaluation of Off-Campus Study, per course**


ID Card Replacement Fee


International Student Fee


Late Registration (adding or dropping courses), per course


Readmission Deposit


Single Room Charge, per term

* $100

Teacher Education Placement Fees for 20 sets of credentials

if student is enrolled

* $25

if student is not enrolled


for updating (10 sets of credentials)


Transcript Fee, per copy

ordered online


requested by mail or in person through Registrar’s Office


if sent via fax

Additional *$5

if sent via any expedited mail or delivery service

Additional *$25 U.S., $35 Canada, $50 Mexico and international

Vehicle Registration Fee


* Optional Services

** If, after completing the program, the participant does not re-enroll at Cornell, the courses taken and the credits earned in the program will not be recorded on the student’s Cornell transcript unless he or she pays a processing fee of $100 for each course transferred.

A student activity fee is assessed for all students and is administered by Student Senate. These funds are allocated to various student groups to facilitate their operations, activities, and events.