Veterans Administration

Students receiving VA benefits should consult with the Registrar's Office for information and assistance. VA benefits recipients have the same rights and responsibilities as all other Cornell students and are subject to the regulations and policies described in this Catalogue except where the Federal Government has established laws or guidelines that are at variance with Cornell's rules. In such cases, the VA recipient is held accountable for satisfying both the College's and the Government's regulations.

Specifically, the points of difference are: (1) VA recipients will not be paid for a vacation Block. (2) VA recipients will not be paid, or will be billed for overpayment, for any course from which they withdraw, i.e., receive a grade of W, WH, or WR, unless the VA approves their appeal on grounds of mitigating circumstances. (3) VA recipients who are placed on Probation by Cornell College will be given two semesters (eight Blocks) to remove themselves from academic review. If, at the end of this probationary period, the recipient fails to demonstrate satisfactory progress, the recipient may have her or his benefits discontinued. The VA will not pay for any course numbered in the 900s (off-campus programs). Permission may sometimes be granted by the VA for a non-traditional educational experience upon petition in advance of the start of the project.