The Dean's List

Twice each year–at the end of January and the end of May–the Dean of the College recognizes those students who have earned superior grades during the previous semester and enrolls them on the Dean's List based upon their semester grade point average.

Highest Honors   4.0000
High Honors   3.8000 - 3.9999
Honors   3.6000 - 3.7999

To be considered for the Dean's List, students must earn grade point credit in at least four Blocks during the semester (Blocks One through Four for the first semester, Blocks Five through Eight for the second semester) and must not earn any grades of F, NC, W, or WR, nor have an unresolved Incomplete on their record at the time the Dean's List is calculated. Grades earned in music lessons and ensembles are also calculated (except that the grade in MUS 701 is not calculated).