Adjustments for Attending Less Than 8 Blocks a Year

Students Who Take Vacation Block(s):
Vacation blocks are only for students who are eligible to graduate during the 2013-14 academic year.

  1. If a student needs only three classes each semester to graduate senior year, they are allowed to take less than a four credits. For billing purposes, a student enrolled in three classes each semester is a full time student and there is no change to their tuition charges.
  2. For students who are enrolled in two classes in a semester, the charge is 2/3 of the full semester charges.
  3. For students who only need one class in a semester, the charge is 1/3 of the full semester charges.
  4. Room and board charges are charged on a semester basis. If a student lives in the dorms for one week or the entire semester, the charge is the same semester charge with no proration.