Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

CHE 121
CHE 122
BIO 141
BIO 142

CHE 225
BIO 205
BIO 211
Animal Elective

BIO 321
BIO 315
Plant Elective

BIO 485
Cell Elective


  • Appropriate supporting work in chemistry, physics, and mathematics is also strongly recommended.
  • Students intending to take advanced work in biology and all preprofessional students (medicine, dentistry, etc.) should take Foundations: Cellular Biology (141) and Foundations: Organismal Biology (142).
  • Students should consult with the Department concerning programs leading to graduate work in zoology, botany, or the health sciences; to high school teaching; to admission to schools of medicine and dentistry; and to various careers in the biological sciences.