Student Symposium Presentations

Other Projects

  • “Not Just a Black Face: The Syncretization of the Virgin of Regla in Cuba”, Ashley Koehnke

    Koehnke investigated the role of colonialism in the adoption of the Virgin of Regla as Yemaya in Cuba through an iconographic study of Marian imagery in seventeenth-century Spain. Although other scholars have recognized the significance of the Virgin of Regla’s black skin, they have not investigated other aspects of the figure that easily syncretized with that of the Yoruba figures of Yemoja in the New World.
  • “The National Museum of the American Indian: Authenticity and Identity”, Mathew Moore

    Moore analyzed the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C., in light of the intentions for the building as described in the Smithsonian’s Way of the People. Rather than focus on the exhibitions themselves, Moore considered the structure itself as a marker of identity on the Mall and, therefore, an appropriate center for addressing authenticity.
  • “Graffiti in the Gallery”, Ellie Rohan

    Rohan examines the graffiti movement of the 1970s and 1980s before addressing whether graffiti actually continues to exist in the museum setting. Her paper ends with a discussion of the transition of the work of CRASH from the streets to the gallery. This case study allows the author to demonstrate how graffiti is as dependent on the context as the very definition of fine art.