Welcome prospective parents and families

Students at Cornell College receive a life-changing education that introduces them to new and exciting ideas through classroom discussions, off-campus study, internships, and independent research. They learn holistically, so that they are both prepared for success and equipped to follow their passions.

It’s also important to us that our graduates are not overwhelmed with student debt. So, we offer thorough financial assistance and planning options to help families meet the cost of attendance through savings and student work study, as well as grants and scholarships. Through careful planning from our Financial Assistance Office, Cornell alumni actually have a lower average debt than graduates from public universities.

  • $27,227: Average debt of Cornell College graduates
  • $29,700: Average debt of Iowa public university graduates
  • $29,400: Average debt of national public university graduates

[Source: http://projectonstudentdebt.org for academic year 2011-12, calculated each fall for the school year two years prior]

Students invest in their education at Cornell College, and we invest in their futures. We look forward to speaking with you more about Cornell College’s life-changing education.

My Very Best,

Colleen Murphy,
Vice President of Enrollment and Dean of Admission


Parent perspective

“Cornell College is the experience of a lifetime. One reason is that it’s small enough to care. Everyone is on the same page and working together for our son. Professors truly want him to learn, tutoring him at their kitchen tables, or tailoring assignments to fit his interests and needs. Staff greet him by name, tweak meals to his liking, and let him study in quiet corners. Even administrators know his name and follow his progress. Yet, Cornell College has the reach and reputation to lay the world at his feet.”

Brooke and Linda Whitted,
Northbrook, Ill.

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