During his October 2007 Chautauqua session, Pots and the Potters, art professor Doug Hanson looks back on the many countries he has visited during thirty-seven years of teaching at Cornell. He has traveled with and without students to study ceramic arts from Nicaragua to Japan.

Chautauqua Program

Known as the Chautauqua Program, continuing education at Cornell is open to adults of all ages and backgrounds.

Programs are engaging, enriching, and mind-opening. Each three- or four-week term focuses on a different topic, with classes meeting on Mondays from 9 a.m. to noon. You might investigate American pop culture one term and examine the 1918 influenza outbreak the next. All courses are taught by accomplished scholars and professionals, usually Cornell College faculty.

Please consult the Chautauqua calendar for a listing of this year’s offerings, as well as registration information.